How can you maintain a restraining order during a divorce?

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While restraining orders are critical to your protection following domestic violence, they can also become challenging to navigate if you have divorce proceedings simultaneously.

If you have a restraining order during a divorce, there are ways you can maintain it and follow through with the separation.

Adhere to all court orders

If you want your restraining order to remain effective, adhere to the court orders associated with the case. Both parties must respect the boundaries and refrain from any actions that violate the order. For example, if your former partner attempts to contact you, do not respond. Your response may constitute breaking the order.

Document all domestic violence incidents

Domestic violence affects around 10 million people in the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, most people do not seek help or document the incidents. Throughout the divorce, your spouse may try to reach out or intimidate you. Maintain a detailed record of any violations to protect the integrity of your restraining order. Being meticulous about your record-keeping can help reinforce the protective measures you have in place.

Communicate only through legal channels

While you may have to communicate during a divorce, you do not have to do so with direct communication. After all, direct contact may violate the court orders in place. Instead of speaking directly, speak through your legal representation. Work with your representation to establish communication channels that allow you to remain distant from your former partner.

When you have a restraining order, remain up to date on any modifications or changes to the order to ensure that you do not violate any court orders and remain protected throughout the proceedings.