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Since 1999, we have been helping families throughout New Jersey navigate the legalities of significant life events. No matter your family issue, we have the experience to help.

Issues Involving Children
We protect your legal rights in adoptions, child custody and support determinations, and paternity proceedings.
Divorce And Property Issues
From collaborative to contested divorce, we find the approach that suits your situation.
Alimony/Spousal Support
We can guide you through the new laws governing alimony.
Additional Family Law Services
We can also help you with prenuptial agreements and modification requests.

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Guiding Families Through Significant Issues

Family law issues bring out our best advocacy. Life events such as adoption, marriage, divorce, or a modification request require the experienced eye of an attorney to proactively identify potential issues. Before we create a legal strategy for you, we need to understand your future plans, financial resources and the demands of your work and lifestyle. We truly take the time to listen to you and understand your needs. That way, we can utilize the law to help you through significant family transitions.

Combining Compassion With Practicality

We have the experience to tailor our advocacy to your unique family situation. Our starting point is compassion. For clients who wish to minimize the cost and emotional stress of a situation, such as divorce, we may recommend informal negotiations with opposing counsel. In this role, our advocacy would take an advisory role, where we would evaluate any settlement offers within the context of your future lifestyle resources and needs. If we reach agreement on one or more issues, we could present them to the court for approval.

Providing Aggressive Advocacy When Needed

Family law sometimes requires aggressive advocacy. We also have the experience to build a tough court case. In a contested divorce, litigation may be required. That process may start with civil discovery. We know how to utilize the law to obtain necessary information, whether we are seeking financial details about the marital estate or seeking expert options from child psychologists. We also know how to present your side of the story in court. If a trial is required, you can take confidence in our experience. We will protect your rights and advise you of your options at every step along the way.

Contact An Experienced Family Law Attorney

The client service we bring to our family law advocacy truly sets us apart. From collaborative approaches to aggressive litigation, we find the legal strategy that is appropriate for your needs. This diversity is a product of our experience. We have protected the legal rights of families for over 15 years. To schedule your consultation at our Mount Laurel office, contact us online.