Creating Effective Prenuptial Agreements In South Jersey

There are many good reasons why you may choose to form a prenuptial agreement before celebrating your marriage. Protection of specific assets and your emotional needs are often important considerations worthy of a legal contract. All those same reasons and priorities may apply if you intend to enter a civil union.

A legally sound, enforceable prenuptial agreement can bring security and peace of mind. Work with an attorney who has the specific experience to protect your interests and help you achieve these goals.

Insist On Relevant Experience

If you are considering a prenuptial or other premarital agreement in New Jersey, please be aware that our state has a very specific, detailed statute on enforcement of these agreements. Your prenuptial agreement is not “just another contract,” and your lawyer’s understanding of the law can be vitally important.

An Attorney Focused Directly On Your Goals

Our law office has successfully assisted clients in accomplishing these goals, and we are well versed in the relevant statutes and requirements. In addition, our in-depth experience with a full range of other family law issues is a key asset in helping you consider all angles and make certain your wishes are clearly documented.

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When forming a prenuptial agreement, your attorney’s knowledge and experience can be critical to completing the process efficiently and obtaining the peace of mind you seek. Contact Scott J. Levine today by calling 856-234-2855 for personal attention, legal savvy, and a sensitive, discreet approach to your prenuptial agreement needs.