Finding Amicable Resolutions To New Jersey Divorces

Family legal disputes involving divorce, child custody and other delicate family issues can be financially and emotionally devastating for everyone involved. Resolving these issues in an amicable manner often reduces the expense and emotional impact of the divorce – particularly when children are involved.

South Jersey divorce mediation lawyer Scott J. Levine is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is passionate about helping clients resolve difficult legal disputes while also ensuring that their interests are fully protected. Contact us to discuss your unique situation. We will work closely with you to identify the most effective and strategic approach to your case and to obtaining your goals.

Divorce Mediation: An Alternative To Divorce Litigation

Many contested divorce cases can ultimately be resolved through effective negotiation or other alternatives. Attorney Scott J. Levine‘s thorough preparation and aggressive negotiation skills have benefited many clients in obtaining comprehensive divorce property settlements and child custody arrangements. In certain cases, however, an independent mediator can be extremely useful in keeping lines of communication open and in keeping discussions moving forward – toward an agreement.

Divorce mediation can be particularly effective in various types of divorce cases, such as:

  • Where parties agree on some issues, but not all
  • Where there are children involved
  • Where there are significant assets or complex property issues
  • Where a significant amount of marital debt has accumulated

Protecting Your Interests In Divorce Mediation

It is important to understand that a mediator is a neutral facilitator – not an advocate of your legal rights. The mediator cannot give you legal advice and will not ensure your interests are protected. Without experienced legal counsel throughout the divorce mediation process, an over-reaching spouse may continue to do the same things that occurred throughout your marriage – only this time, it could affect your interests in the division of property, your parental rights and other important issues that significantly affect your future.

In working with our law firm, you can have confidence in your mediated settlement agreement. Attorney Scott J. Levine advises you throughout the mediation, helps you evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each provision being discussed, and ensures that the focus is on obtaining a fair agreement that fully protects your interests – not just on getting the matter settled.

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