Working To Obtain A Fair Property Division

One of the most common myths about divorce in New Jersey is that each spouse is entitled to receive an equal share of the couple’s property. The truth — that property division in a divorce is not automatically a “50/50” split — may be the most important reason for you to contact a family law attorney with the knowledge and experience to protect your interests. This is especially true for people who have a high net worth.

Some of the most important factors that can enter into a property division settlement or court judgment are:

  • The future well-being of both parties and any children of the marriage
  • Financial and non-financial contributions to the marriage, including those of a stay-at-home mom or dad
  • Whether property was premarital and not commingled, and can therefore be exempt from distribution in the judgment

Aggressively Defending Your Property Rights

As you can see, these factors leave significant room for negotiation and potential dispute. If, for example, you brought significant wealth into your marriage and believe certain assets should be considered yours alone, the burden of proof is on you and your lawyer to demonstrate that type of ownership and entitlement. An inheritance or gifts are also common sources of dispute.

The Knowledge And Commitment To Pursue Your Goals

Attorney Scott J. Levine has the legal knowledge to aggressively defend your rights to property. His proactive approach to contested divorce includes performing the thorough research required to conclusively demonstrate your ownership wherever possible. We will develop a detailed, legally solid property settlement agreement that serves your best interests.

Extensive knowledge of relevant statutes and court rulings enables Scott to counsel you on your likelihood of success with more complex arguments, such as those involving:

  • Comparisons between the parties’ overall financial contributions to the marriage
  • Allegations of financial fault that could be considered in property division — as when one spouse claims the other has squandered or hidden significant marital assets

We take your financial and emotional goals seriously at our family law office. Please call 856-234-2855 or contact us by email today for knowledgeable, complete legal representation in your South Jersey divorce.