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School can be difficult for kids of recently divorced parents

With another summer coming to an end it means kids will be heading back to school. This time of year is always hectic for both parents and children as everyone adjusts to new schedules. For many children, the disruption to their summer schedule can cause stress and anxiety. When the child comes from a home where the parents have recently divorced or are separated, they may find these feelings elevated.

As a parent, you understand the challenges of adjusting to change as a result of your divorce or separation. With the school schedule about to wreak more havoc on the life of your family, you may be struggling to figure out how you can help your child through this time. As you are working out the details of how to co-parent through times like this, it is frequent and clear communication that is the key to making the adjustment back to school easier for everyone.

How can stepparents adopt?

Your role as a stepparent in a child's life is important. When your relationship with your stepchildren leaves room to grow, you may consider adoption to ensure you are able to provide and care for them like the parent they deserve. Stepparent adoptions are quite common, so there is plenty of information available to you as a hopeful parent.

What type of divorce should I get?

Just as marriage is a defining moment in your life, so is divorce. It is a decision filled with strong emotions and uncertainty about the future. As you commit to cutting your marital ties, many decisions will confront you along the way. One of these decisions is the type of divorce you choose.

The type of divorce you get depends on you and your partner. Perhaps you both desire to painlessly part ways or have combative attitudes that will result in a trial. Either way, knowing your options helps you approach the divorce process prepared.


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