Guidance For Contested And Uncontested Divorces

At the family law office of Scott J. Levine, we focus on achieving divorce outcomes that do justice to our clients’ needs and enable them to get a fresh start. Contact Scott J. Levine today to discuss your situation and potential strategies.

Understanding And Respect For Your Important Concerns

Almost every divorce represents a momentous change affecting many facets of life for everyone involved. For parents, the prospect of living apart from their children or handling the added responsibilities of single parenthood often make child custody issues the most difficult. For people without children or with older children, or for individuals with significant assets, property division may be the most complex or intensely contested divorce issue.

Considering And Planning For Your Future After Divorce

Scott J. Levine is a family law attorney who believes in helping you visualize and start planning the life you want after a legal separation or divorce. Both your emotional and financial needs matter in how we prepare and work on your divorce case.

If you and your divorcing spouse can truly, consistently agree on all major issues to be settled, you may be able to benefit from the added efficiency and affordability of an uncontested divorce. We can represent only one party in such cases, and our involvement is primarily focused on drafting agreements that accurately document your decisions.

Fighting For Your Financial Well-Being

Even the most determined attempts to work issues out fairly and in good faith — either through negotiation or through divorce mediation — may fail when the parties are angry or simply cannot communicate.

We put our experience in numerous high-asset contested divorce, alimony disputes, child custody matters and other cases to work for you. It is important to recognize that your divorce may have far-reaching, long-term financial consequences, involving whether:

We work with you to ensure these issues are addressed in a manner that protects your interests and focuses on your goals.

Divorce Representation Focused On Your Unique Needs

Our law firm recognizes that no two divorces are alike. We tailor our approach based upon the unique aspects of your case and your goals for resolution. Whether you anticipate a straightforward divorce or have questions on many potentially challenging issues, we encourage you to call 856-234-2855 or email us to arrange a consultation. Mt. Laurel divorce lawyer, Scott J. Levine will engage fully in your case from day one, and work closely with you all the way through resolution.