What Factors Are Considered During Relocation Cases?

There are many reasons an individual may wish to relocate out of state. A new job opportunity, a higher-paying job, closer family support units, remarriage, better educational opportunities and a score of other issues can bring about a parent’s desire to relocate. While divorced, unmarried or separated parents may not have obligations or commitments to each other, they do have an obligation to consider the other parent’s relationship with the child, and how relocation would affect that relationship.

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Changes To Custody Due To Relocation

When a parent wishes to relocate out of New Jersey with their child, it maybe necessary to obtain a court order or consent from the other parent approving of such a move. Always focusing on the best interests of the child, the court will evaluate many issues when considering a child relocation case:

  • The good faith reasons for the move
  • Ensuring that the relocation will not be inimical to the best interests of the child
  • Whether a realistic parenting time/visitation arrangement is possible
  • The likelihood that the parents would adhere to the new parenting arrangement
  • Many other factors

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