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Whether a child is raised by single, divorced or unmarried parents, a child is never “divorced” from a parent, regardless of the status of the relationship between the two parents. The child is entitled to be supported financially by both parents. While New Jersey child support is partially governed by statutory guidelines, it is also a common source of dispute between parents involved in divorce, paternity actions and other child-related legal issues.

When you need experienced and effective legal counsel, South Jersey child support attorney Scott J. Levine has the experience and knowledge to assist you. He is available to answer your questions, explain your rights and obligations and advocate for your interests in child custody and child support disputes in New Jersey.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

A number of factors are included in calculating child support, including:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Child support paid under a separate order (from prior relationships)
  • Spousal support paid to a prior spouse
  • Work-related day care costs
  • Health insurance coverage for the child
  • Number of children being supported

Understanding Child Support Guidelines And Adjustments

Whether you anticipate receiving or paying child support, it is important to understand:

  • Factors used in determining the amount of child support
  • When New Jersey law allows departure from basic guidelines — especially if your children have special needs or if you have a high annual income
  • Procedures surrounding enforcement of child support
  • Requirements parents must follow when seeking a modification of the original child support order

Our Mt. Laurel law firm represents clients from all income brackets. There is a growing number of high-income earner child support cases that have been addressed by New Jersey family courts. Decisions resulting from these cases can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Family law attorney Scott J. Levine stays abreast of the evolving New Jersey case law in order to present a strong, effective argument on behalf of our client in child support disputes.

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