South Jersey Child Support Modification Attorney

At the law office of Scott J. Levine, we understand that circumstances change. While the primary focus of our firm is to negotiate comprehensive divorce settlements for our clients, we also help clients pursue modifications after their divorce has become final.

If you need to modify a custody or support order after a divorce or other family-related dispute, we can guide you through the process. Experienced South Jersey child support modification lawyer Scott J. Levine is well versed in the New Jersey laws covering post-judgment modifications. Contact our law firm for a prompt, helpful evaluation of your circumstances and case.

Has There Been a Significant Change in Circumstances Since Your Divorce?

All orders contained in your divorce judgment — covering child support, spousal support, as well as custody and parenting time — are legally binding and enforceable. However, many such orders are also subject to post-judgment modification if the party seeking that modification can prove that circumstances have changed.

This is an important area of family law and success often rests on the ability of your attorney to build a solid case and cite relevant legal precedent for the post-judgment modification you seek. We are familiar with the burden of proof required in a broad range of family law matters, including:

  • Petitions for alimony or child support modification due to a significant change in income for either the payer or recipient
  • Post-judgment modifications of child custody and parenting time orders
  • Relocations and move-aways, when one parents wants to relocate with a child out of New Jersey

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Scott J. Levine, with his strong commitment to staying current on New Jersey family law statutes and trends, is well equipped to represent you in your quest for a post-judgment modification. We offer substantial experience in preparing these cases, including conclusively demonstrating the significance of your changed circumstances and, when necessary, arguing your case in a plenary hearing.

Help With Post-Judgment Divorce Orders

Please do not wait to take action as your financial or family situation worsens. Contact our Mt. Laurel law office to discuss post-judgment issues with attorney Scott J. Levine by calling 856-234-2855.