Signs it might be time to file for divorce

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Spouses may not want to file for divorce because they choose not to accept the idea that they failed at their marriage. Staying together does not mean your marriage is a success, especially when it is causing you anxiety, depression and distress. You are only tolerating each other and hurting yourself more in the process.

Here are the signs that it may be time you consider filing for divorce.


Incompatibility is more than just disagreeing with each other. It is when you and your spouse cannot coexist harmoniously because of irreconcilable differences. You cannot communicate because you lack understanding and acceptance. Your conflicting goals, priorities, values and beliefs make your marriage hostile and toxic.

Lack of intimacy and affection

Intimacy and affection distinguish a marriage from platonic relationships because these elements demonstrate your love and care for each other. It is a bad sign if you or your spouse has lost interest in the other sexually or romantically.


It is one thing to hate your spouse but quite another to have no feelings for them at all. Indifference means you do not care about them or what they do. Sometimes, you even feel more at peace when they are not around because you do not have to maintain a charade.


Infidelity happens when a spouse no longer respects or loves their spouse. They give their attention to a third party instead of you. They may even use your marital assets to finance their affair and hide it from you. Financial infidelity is a product of adultery. You do not deserve to be with someone who cheats and lies to you.

Spousal abuse

Spousal abuse can come in different forms. While it may seem obvious to leave, others choose to stay with their abuser because they develop a trauma bond. You should know that abuse is not love; it is manipulation and an attempt to control the way you think and behave.

Your marriage does not define who you are and what you will become. You are your own person, and you deserve to be happy. It is time to recognize the signs before you lose yourself in your marriage.