Protecting your emotional health during a divorce

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Going through a divorce can take its toll on your emotional health. It might feel as though you cannot catch a break from the onslaught of changes in your life.

Overlooking your emotional health can make it more difficult to move on. Poor mental health can also interfere with your ability to make rational, long-term decisions about your future.

Prioritize your self-care routine

Give yourself some grace and fill your time doing things you enjoy. With the increase in responsibility that often accompanies divorce, finding time might not come easily. However, make time each day to care for yourself. This could look like taking a nature walk, cooking a delicious meal, talking to a friend on the phone or revisiting a hobby you enjoy.

Seek professional help

You can attempt to get through the difficult emotions of your split alone, but it could trigger debilitating mental illness. Talking about your experience with an appropriate party can give you space to feel and heal. At the very least, consider writing your experience down. According to Psychology Today, the heavy emotional toll of a divorce could last a year or two after the initial split. Seeking professional help can give you a head start on moving on with your life.

Focus on what you can control

Even though a lot feels out of control, try focusing on the things you can still control. Revamp your budget, do fun things with your children and make goals for your future. Your ability to see the big picture and celebrate your accomplishments may prevent feelings of hopelessness.

Divorce is a substantial life change. The way you choose to get through can make a tremendous difference in mitigating the negative impact of your split on the rest of your life.