Should you keep the family home in your divorce?

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Going through a divorce is not only an emotional ordeal but it also requires difficult decisions. Among these, deciding whether to keep the family home is a significant one.

Your home might hold many memories for you, but it is important to make a sensible choice for your future financial stability. Here are some important factors to consider while deciding whether to keep your family home in a New Jersey divorce.

Understand your financial situation

Determine if you can afford the mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and other costs associated with the home. Having a clear understanding of your post-divorce budget will allow you to decide whether keeping the home is financially viable.

Think about the children

If you have children, think about how keeping or selling the home will affect them. You might want to maintain stability in their lives by staying in the home. However, consider the financial strain it might put on you and how that could indirectly impact them.

Assess the housing market

The current housing market in New Jersey will play a significant role in your decision. If the market is thriving, selling the home might offer a financial benefit. However, if it is not, keeping the home until the market improves might be a better choice.

Consider your emotional attachment

Although it might be challenging to let go, remember that your emotional well-being is more important than a physical structure. If the house reminds you of a painful past, it might be healthier to move on.

Evaluate future plans

Your future plans should also dictate your decision. If you intend to relocate or downsize, selling the home and moving on might be more practical.

Deciding whether to keep the family home in your New Jersey divorce involves careful consideration. No matter how significant the home is, your emotional and financial well-being should come first in your decision-making process.