Are you the victim of emotional abuse?

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Whether you are preparing for divorce or are beginning to question your relationship with your spouse, you may begin to suspect that he or she is emotionally abusive. Emotional abuse is common, particularly during the demise of a relationship.

Though common, emotional abuse is often overlooked by victims and their loved ones. That said, identifies the top warning signs of emotional abuse, which you can use to recognize your situation and get the help you need.


Gaslighting is a common abuse tactic that involves the abuser manipulating the victim’s sense of reality by causing him or her to question his or her own experiences or memories. For instance, your partner may claim that something never happened or that he or she never said something, thereby causing you to second guess yourself. Abusers may also name-call their victims, going so far as to call them “crazy” or “manipulative. “


Another common tactic that emotional abusers use is criticizing. It is not uncommon for an abuser to call the victim names, belittle his or her accomplishments, demean his or her career choice, chasten his or her behavior, and/or pick apart his or her appearance. If your partner does any of these or similar things, take it as a red flag.


Abusers seek control from their victims by monitoring their conversations and behaviors. If your spouse goes through your private communications, analyzes your conversations or relationships with others, or makes you fearful of being watched, chances are he or she is abusive.


Finally, abusers often attempt to isolate their victims from friends and family. By isolating their victims, abusers can ensure two outcomes: that no one calls out his or her bad behavior and that the victim becomes dependent upon him or her.

Emotional abuse is a very real and prevalent problem. If you suspect you are the victim of emotional abuse, seek help right away.