Can assets spur arguments?

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Assets often spur arguments in divorce scenarios. After all, asset division often makes up one of the most complex and dreaded parts of the entire divorce process.

But exactly how do assets impact the type of arguments that may occur during a divorce?

Arguments over assets

According to Business Insider, wealth may not have the impact on divorce that some think. As mentioned, assets do have an impact on divorce, but it is not as easy as saying that people with more assets will fight more often.

For example, upper-middle-class couples tend to find more than any other wealth bracket. However, upper-class couples have the highest rate of amiable divorce, even though they have more assets to deal with.

Speculation indicates that this may happen because of a difference in how the couple views their assets, rather than relying solely on the actual assets.

The feeling of financial security

In short, wealthy couples have more financial security than even upper-middle-class couples. Though upper-middle-class couples have more assets than many other wealth brackets, they still often feel financially insecure.

This means they have more to fight over in the first place. Each member of a couple wants to keep as many assets as possible to maintain their current financial stability and levels of security.

On the other hand, wealthy couples have little to worry about as even a divorce will not truly threaten their financial stability. Because of this, they can carry on with their divorce in an amiable way and reduce friction and disagreements.