Should I limit what I say online because of my divorce?

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Many couples have a lot at stake in divorce, particularly the division of their marital assets and how much a spouse receives in alimony. If you are preparing for a divorce, you should know how to avoid pitfalls that might cause problems for you in the courtroom. Even what you say online may come back to haunt you.

According to Money Crashers, talking about your divorce on your social media accounts may prove to be a mistake. This is because a divorce judge could use what you post online against you while determining what you will receive in the final settlement.

Limit what you say about divorce

A divorce can stir up intense emotions. Naturally, you may want to vent about everything that has happened to lead up to your divorce on your social media account. However, your spouse or someone your spouse knows might read your post. Even if you did not vent in anger but simply stated the facts as you knew them, your posting may still cause you problems if you contradict your statements later on in court.

Limit other non-divorce topics

You might think you are safe if you post about topics other than your divorce, but even addressing non-divorce matters may trip you up in court. For instance, you may want to secure spousal support in the eventual settlement. However, if you talk about an expensive vacation you have taken recently, a judge may determine that you probably do not need a hefty alimony settlement if you could finance a high cost vacation.

Additionally, be cautious about posting photos of expensive items you have purchased, such as clothing or jewelry. A judge could use these pictures as evidence that you do not need a lot of financial support if you can afford high priced goods.

Reduced posting may be beneficial

The less you post during your divorce, the better you will likely be. There will be people that will need to know about your divorce, but you probably should tell them off the internet. Otherwise, consider not mentioning your divorce at all on your social media. This will reduce the chances that your spouse could use any text, photos or videos against you while negotiating the final settlement.