False domestic violence accusations during divorce

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For many couples, divorce can become one of the most challenging experiences in life. Emotions can spiral out of control, leading to anxiety, depression and anger. Sometimes, people experience domestic violence while ending their marriage, or they want to address previous domestic violence in order to secure a safe outcome for their children. However, some people find themselves falsely accused of domestic violence during the divorce process.

It is pivotal for those facing false allegations of abuse to explore their rights, options and the details of the incident(s) immediately.

How can false domestic violence allegations affect people?

According to the New Jersey Courts, domestic violence accusations can affect parents in various ways. For example, these allegations can lead to a restraining order and disrupt a parent’s relationship with their child. If accused of domestic violence, the case could impact a parent’s ability to spend time with their child due to court decisions regarding child custody and visitation (parenting time).

Why do false allegations of domestic violence come up?

Regrettably, people falsely accuse their former marital partner or their child’s other parent of abuse for a host of reasons. In some instances, people want to exact revenge. For example, someone bitter over an affair could try to derail their former partner’s life by tarnishing their reputation with a domestic violence case. Or, a parent could try to win a custody battle by falsely claiming that their ex abused the child.

It is pivotal for people facing false domestic violence charges to remain level-headed and handle the case carefully.