How long does divorce take?

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It is difficult to say how much time your specific divorce case would take. As with many questions about specific cases, the answer would depend on many details.

In this article, you may learn the basics of the divorce process. However, please bear in mind that divorce does not happen overnight. Under favorable circumstances, you should still probably expect to spend a few months before you reach the point at which a court finalizes your divorce and officially ends your marriage.

Divorce process outline

Your divorce’s timeline depends partly on the efficient execution of official procedures. They typically include:

  • You or your spouse filing a complaint
  • Waiting for the response to the complaint
  • Potentially entering into mediation
  • Settling with an agreement or proceeding to trial for an official decision

These steps typically have deadlines, but there could be potential delays. For example, your spouse could wait until the end of the allowable time to formally respond to your complaint. Conversely, if you were able to work together, you would typically be able to make the process as efficient as possible.

Major factors that delay divorces

Several factors could indicate that your divorce might take longer than average. The most common example is when you and your spouse disagree on whether you should divorce. This often leads to many smaller disagreements which complicate and lengthen the case.

That said, the court’s priority, generally speaking, is to reach a fair and equitable divorce agreement in a reasonable amount of time. Judges adhere closely to the rules, but they also generally tend to frown upon those who deliberately waste the court’s time and resources.