Can high assets cause more stress in a split?

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When going through divorce, tensions will run high for most people regardless of whether or not the divorce happens amiably. It is simply the nature of a split like this.

However, some people argue that assets play a huge role in just how stressful a divorce is. Is this true?

The tie between finances and arguments

Insider takes a look at wealthy couples and their divorce statistics. According to many, couples with higher assets have worse and longer arguments during the divorce process.

To a degree, studies seem to back this up. Upper-middle-class couples actually fight so often and viciously when going through divorce that the media dubbed them “the fighting class”.

Some speculate that this increase in aggression occurs because an upper-middle-class couple has a lot to lose, and one divorce could potentially make them lose it.

Looking at the wealthiest couples

On the other hand, the wealthiest couples in the highest wealth bracket actually had fewer arguments and vitriolic divorce and the highest rate of amiable divorce out of any other wealth bracket.

This seems to imply that wealth does cause complications in divorce, but only up to a certain extent.

So what does this mean for assets and divorce stress? In essence, it may boil down to a matter of financial security rather than actual amounts of assets. A couple with middling assets will want to protect them but may feel they will lose it during divorce.

On the other hand, a couple with extremely high assets knows that a divorce will not disrupt their lives too badly, so they can proceed without that same anxiety and dread.