Are you a victim of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | DIVORCE - Domestic Violence |

It may seem as if knowing if you are a victim of domestic violence would be something obvious. However, many people do not recognize they are in a bad situation.

As you begin your divorce, it is important to identify if you are suffering from domestic violence as it can impact the way the court handles your case. Physical abuse is the most recognized form of domestic violence, but it is not the only way your spouse could abuse you. It is important to learn about the less obvious methods an abuser may use.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse includes trying to break down your self-esteem. Your partner may talk down to you, call you names or tell you that you are worthless. Even name-calling and berating are emotional abuse.

Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse is intimidation and threats used to control your actions. It might include separating you from your friends and family in order to make you completely reliant on him or her. The goal is to beat you down mentally so he or she has complete control.

Economic abuse

Does your spouse control all the finances? Does he or she prevent you from spending or earning money? These are signs you may be suffering economic abuse. Your spouse is using money to control you.

If you notice any signs of the different types of abuse, you may want to seek help. Most people do not realize actions are abuse because they are not physical. But domestic violence can take many forms, and you should not have to suffer from any type of abuse.