How could a prenuptial agreement prevent divorce?

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Money is one of the biggest factors in divorces. Couples often argue about finances, and it can destroy the relationship.

While premarital agreements may often get a bad reputation, and people may look at them as a negative thing, they could help couples avoid divorce. There are a few reasons why these documents are so powerful.

Encourage discussions about money

A premarital agreement makes a couple confront their finances. It opens up communication about spending, debt and each partner’s ideas about money. In many cases, if a prenuptial agreement was never brought up, couples would not discuss finances until after they were combining theirs during the marriage. Having these open lines of communication can uncover potential areas of disagreement and allow for time to resolve them before marriage. Sometimes, it can uncover areas where they will never agree and stop them from taking the step into a marriage that could end badly.

Forces honest revelations

Another important point with premarital agreements is they make each partner have to be honest about their finances. Nobody can get away with hiding debts or bad spending habits. It makes it clear how each person values money and their relationship with it.

Institutes a plan

An agreement also gets both people on the same page. It can allow them to have important financial discussions that lead to a plan on how they will manage money within the marriage. It creates a situation where they both understand how the financial side of their relationship will go.

A premarital agreement could save a marriage before it begins. It opens up money talks and reveals potential issues while giving the couple a chance to confront these potential problems head-on.