What are the signs of narcissistic abuse?

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Experiencing any form of domestic abuse should be grounds for divorce. Unfortunately, abusive partners often manipulate their spouses into questioning if they experienced legitimate abuse. This is particularly true if your partner has narcissistic personality traits.

Narcissistic abuse is psychological or emotional abuse perpetrated by those with narcissistic traits. If you worry whether you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, some signs may reveal more to you about your relationship.

Watch out for attacks on your self-esteem

Generally, abusers will target your self-esteem. They do not want you to see your value outside of what they provide you with. You may catch yourself changing to fit what your partner wants you to be. Likewise, you may avoid activities that you love in fear that your spouse does not want you to do them. Abusers with narcissistic traits will try to make you lean on them for self-esteem. They will break it down and then build it up again.

Pay attention to reality versus your perception

People who use emotional and psychological manipulation on their partners want them to question reality. They may attempt to make you question your experiences and your feelings. For example, your spouse may tell you your emotions are in your head or pretend that your sensitivities upset you, rather than the abuse itself. If you catch yourself questioning your reality regularly, you may be a victim of narcissistic abuse.

To leave someone with narcissistic traits, you should always have a plan. Surround yourself with people who will support and look out for you as you start the divorce process.