Understanding the case information statement in a divorce

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When you or your spouse initiates a New Jersey divorce, you must furnish something called a Case Information Statement within 35 days of doing so. The Case Information Statement is an important document that outlines your income, assets, expenses, lifestyle and similar areas. Filling out this document carefully and in a timely manner is critical in terms of resolving your case and keeping your divorce on track.

Per the New Jersey Courts, there are certain components your Case Information Statement must have to prove valid. It must have an attorney’s signature, for example, you also have to fill out all the information that appears above the black bar shown on the document.

Expenses detailed in the Case Information Sheet

There is a specific section on the Case Information Sheet where you must report information about debts accrued during your marriage. This section should include information about rent or mortgage obligations, car payments you must make and other personal expenses and obligations ranging from medical expenses to childcare costs.

Assets and liabilities detailed in the Case Information Sheet

The Case Information Sheet also has a section where you must outline your marital and separate assets and liabilities. This section should include information about bank accounts, real estate holdings, pensions, investment accounts and so on. You also need to report any liabilities you have in your Case Information Sheet. Be sure to include information about mortgages, long- and short-term debts and any other debts you may owe companies or individuals.

Completing a Case Information Sheet requires careful attention to detail, and making any errors when doing so has the capacity to delay the finalization of your divorce.