Identifying and addressing domestic violence during divorce

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Whether you are in the early stages of preparing to file for a divorce or have almost finished the process of ending your marriage, it is essential to stay vigilant and have a clear understanding of your rights. From child custody cases to the division of property, the way you handle divorce-related issues could have a major impact on your finances, emotions and other aspects of your life for many years.

In addition, it is pivotal to go over examples of domestic violence and take action if you become subjected to abuse during the divorce process.

Looking at examples of domestic violence

Domestic violence takes a variety of forms, and some people do not realize the different behaviors that constitute illegal abuse. According to the New Jersey State Police, domestic violence sometimes includes physical violence, but it may also consist of intimidating, threatening or isolating a partner. Other examples include sexual abuse, harassment, stalking and controlling a spouse’s (or former spouse’s) finances.

Domestic violence cases may involve one’s marital partner, the other child of one’s parent or an ex.

Dealing with domestic violence

If you experience domestic violence firsthand, it is crucial to protect yourself and hold the abuser answerable right away. If you have kids, it is especially important to do everything in your power to prevent further instances of abuse and safeguard your child’s well-being. Domestic violence can impact child custody decisions and other aspects of the divorce process.

If you are a domestic violence victim in the middle of a divorce or you plan on filing for a divorce, make sure you have a thorough understanding of your options.