How can a prenup work toward a successful retirement?

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Though bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement to your spouse-to-be is probably uncomfortable, it could help you attain a comfortable retirement if your marriage falls apart. This is because a prenup enables spouses to protect their personal assets, including their retirement accounts.

U.S. News and World Report explains some ways a prenuptial agreement could work to the benefit of your golden years if you should get a divorce.

Separate your retirement accounts

With a prenuptial agreement, you may designate your retirement account as separate property. This helps keep your retirement funds from commingling with your marital assets. Securing your retirement accounts before your marriage may keep a divorce settlement from costing you too much of your retirement money.

Separate spousal debts

It is possible that you could become responsible for the debts of your spouse following a divorce. Some people do not discover that a spouse has a lot of debt until after the wedding has taken place.

Spousal debt can be a problem if creditors seeking to collect on the debts of your spouse come after you for payment. The IRS might also contact you if your spouse has delinquent taxes. A prenup allows you and your spouse to each own your respective debts without burdening the other person.

Provide for your spouse

Sometimes judges invalidate prenups if they too heavily favor one spouse while leaving the other almost destitute. You may use your prenuptial agreement to provide your spouse with enough assets that a judge should not have a problem with your agreement.

A collaboration with your spouse over how each of you can maintain a good retirement could make signing a prenup more attractive for all involved.