How does New Jersey calculate child support payments?

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When the question of child support payments comes up just before and during divorce proceedings, the added stress of this issue can make facing the end of your marriage all the more confusing. According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, calculating these payments requires proper documentation, as each case differs depending on a payor’s financial situation.

If you expect to pay child support as a part of your divorce agreement, understanding how New Jersey calculates payments may help you face your financial future with greater confidence.


Like many other states, New Jersey uses your income to calculate what you must pay for child support each month. Most courts consider other factors within this income guideline, including:

  • Each parent’s income
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • A child’s necessary expenses, such as medical care

In New Jersey, 25% of your total net income makes the basis of child support payments. However, you may want to keep in mind that this is not the standard for every individual who must make these payments.

Children with special needs

While some child support obligations end when children reach a certain age unless enrolled in college or other educational programs or if a child has physical or mental disabilities that prevent him or her from living independently of the custodial parent. In this case, the court may continue child support payments past the threshold ages of either 19 or 23 to ensure that child receives proper ongoing medical care.

Tracking vital financial forms and remaining aware of state laws may help you to navigate New Jersey child support payment laws with more ease.