Did your ex use fraud to convince you to settle your divorce?

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Now that your divorce has concluded, you are probably looking forward to living the next chapter of your life without your ex-spouse in it. Still, you have heard some rumors that he or she hid money from you during your divorce. If your ex had a secret bank account during your marriage, he or she may have committed fraud when ending your union.

It is not uncommon for couples to engage in divorce settlement negotiations. If you did not have all the information when you negotiated, though, you may be a victim of fraud. Fortunately, it is possible to use fraud to set aside a divorce settlement in New Jersey.

Your ex-spouse’s financial infidelity

Financial infidelity in a marriage happens when one spouse is not truthful about money. According to AARP, modern technology makes it easier than ever for spouses to be financially unfaithful. During your divorce, though, your spouse had an obligation to be forthcoming with you about all marital assets.

Regrettably, if your now-ex-spouse lied about money during your marriage, he or she may have believed it to be acceptable to do so during your divorce.

Your spouse’s fiduciary responsibilities

During your divorce, your spouse owed you a fiduciary duty. If your spouse hid assets, he or she likely breached this fiduciary duty. Specifically, your ex should not have taken any action to dissipate your marital estate without your permission.

Rumors are probably not enough to set aside your divorce settlement, of course. Ultimately, before asking a judge to set aside your divorce settlement, you should gather some concrete evidence of your ex-spouse’s deception.