Could conscious uncoupling work in your divorce?

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Conscious uncoupling is a process created by Kathrine Woodward Thomas. She developed the five steps to help couples end their marriages with less stress and strain.

The Guardian explains conscious uncoupling is about managing the relationship between you and your spouse. It has nothing to do with the legal aspects of divorce. However, using this process can make everything about the divorce go more smoothly.

The process

The conscious uncoupling approach involves five steps to handling your emotions and learning to work together in the right mindset to end your marriage. While you and your spouse will go through the process, the benefits are for your whole family.

The steps

The first three steps of conscious uncoupling directly address emotions. You and your spouse will learn how to identify what you are feeling and accept those emotions. Being able to recognize your feelings lets you control them and ensure they do not run wild and have a negative impact on your or anyone else as you move through your divorce.

The last two steps work on your relationship. At this point, you know that your marriage is over, but you need to learn how to continue to interact without letting issues get in the way. These steps focus on forgiving the past and focusing on the future. You will form a new vision for your relationship.

The goal of conscious uncoupling is to help you accept your feelings and move through them to develop a relationship with the other person that you can move forward with. It helps to cut the tension and make things easier on everyone as you separate your lives and end the marriage.