What if you have to parent at a distance?

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For parents all over the country, struggles with distance have grown as an increasing problem. Whether a family has military members or is entirely comprised of civilians, more and more divorced couples deal with the distance between them.

This can have implications for how said parents raise their children and co-parent together. In what ways can parents cross the distance that may exist between them and their children?

The disadvantages of distance

Parents look into other families in which long distance parenting proves a necessity. This applies in situations where a parent must move away due to job opportunities or faces relocation because of a military position.

Whether or not these moves are temporary or permanent, it still puts one parent at a disadvantage. They will see their children less often and thus have fewer opportunities to strengthen their bonds. Many parents in this position ask whether it is possible to keep strengthening these bonds at all when they cannot physically spend time with or see their kids.

The age of technology

Fortunately, this is the age of technology, and more and more parents have come to use and rely on phone or video chats to deepen their bonds with their kids while away. This way, parents can stay involved in their children’s lives and ensure that their kids know they can reach out any time they want to, for any reason, and that their parent will be ready to answer.

While technology cannot completely replace seeing a child face-to-face, it works as a good stand-in in the interim. In the times where a parent can do nothing more, they can still stay relevant in their child’s life like this.