Other factors that can affect alimony

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Whether you receive alimony or you have to make payments, there are many different factors to take into consideration. When courts decide to award alimony, they review a host of issues, such as the duration of the marriage and each party’s financial circumstances. Some people can modify or terminate alimony in a number of situations, such as those who retire or lose their job.

It is important to recognize that there are a number of unique circumstances that can also have an impact on alimony awards.

Special circumstances can have an impact on alimony

According to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, there are various examples of exceptional circumstances that sometimes affect alimony awards. For example, if one party receives an unfair share of the marital estate or the court finds that the marriage impacted one’s ability to support themselves, this can affect alimony awards.

Tax-related issues, chronic health problems and one party forfeiting their career as a result of the marriage can also play a role in how the court awards alimony. Courts will also look at the extent to which one party depended on the other over the course of the marriage and the age of each party when the marriage occurred.

Addressing alimony issues correctly

Whether you want to modify alimony in order to make payments more reasonable or your ex is refusing to pay what they owe, it is very important to take the right approach to legal issues involving alimony. These situations often generate high levels of stress, but try to stay positive and make sure you go over your options and approach the case carefully.