3 mistakes that could jeopardize your custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Child Custody And Support |

When judges make decisions about custody, they look at many factors to determine what is best for the child. A misstep on your part could lead to an outcome that you are not happy with.

Whether you are hoping to modify your current custody arrangement or keep the existing one in place, here are three mistakes to avoid with your case.

1. Ignoring the current agreement

Even when you are unhappy with your arrangement, you must continue to honor the schedule set forth. Judges will look at your willingness to stick to the current custody agreement as an indication of your likelihood to follow a modified order.

2. Talking negatively about the other parent to your child

Courts look harshly upon actions that could alienate the child from the other parent. Even if you and your former partner are unable to get along, your objective should be to help your child maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

3. Failing to put the child’s wishes first

You should try to understand what your child‘s wishes are without creating feelings of guilt or obligation. Your child may have a preference for who he or she wants to live with. You should also consider the potential upheaval your child could face from a change in the custody arrangement. While you may want more time with your child, you should first think about what he or she will want.

Judges will place the child’s needs before the parents. If you can demonstrate your eagerness to put your child’s best interests first, you are more likely to see a favorable result.