4 tips for communicating with your spouse during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Divorce |

You probably did not expect to get divorced when you got married, but this is a common experience for many couples everywhere. According to Time, your chances of divorce lie at approximately 39%.

The divorce process is not easy, and it may feel harder if you feel like you and your spouse cannot communicate about important issues. These tips can help you improve your communication, so you can move toward a settlement faster.

1. Wait until you are calm

Trying to talk about child custody, alimony, property division or another matter related to your divorce can be difficult when you feel angry or upset. Wait to talk about your divorce until you can come to the conversation calm and collected.

2. Set boundaries for communicating

You and your spouse are likely very familiar with each other, so it may be difficult to put parameters on your relationship at first. Determine how you will communicate, whether that is through phone calls, emails or texts, and when as you work through divorce issues.

3. Consider limiting social medial use

What you post on social media (and what your spouse posts on social media) can have an impact on your divorce. Consider limiting social media usage until you finalize your divorce.

4. Speak politely

When you speak to your spouse, try to use a polite or at least a civil tone and avoid sarcastic comments. Shouting or becoming condescending will invite hostility to the conversation and make it harder to come to a resolution on different issues.