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Child Custody

South Jersey Child Custody Attorney

Answering Your Questions About Joint Legal Custody and Residential Custody in New Jersey

Few issues in life compare in importance to those determining child custody, including where your children will live and how key decisions on their upbringing will be made. Whether confronting child custody decisions in divorce or separation, it can be essential to work with a strong family law attorney who will respect your goals and explain your legal rights. South Jersey child custody attorney Scott J. Levine can guide you through the legal process while advocating for your rights and interests.

If you need experienced and caring legal counsel on child custody issues in New Jersey, contact Scott J. Levine today.

Prioritizing Your Children's Best Interests and Your Legal Rights

In New Jersey divorce and child custody cases, the best interest of the child is paramount.

Our courts make child custody decisions based on a wide range of factors, including previous and current involvement by each parent in the children's lives.

Understanding Residential and Legal Custody

The most common outcome is for one parent to receive residential custody, with the other parent granted specific parenting time (visitation). Sometimes joint residential custody — equal or near-equal time in each home — may also be possible.

In addition to defining residential custody rights, it is also necessary to define legal custody rights. Usually, the parents share joint legal custody — meaning both are to have input on major decisions about such major matters as education and health care.

Child Custody Representation Tailored to Your Situation

South Jersey family lawyer, Scott J. Levine has successfully represented both mothers and fathers in child custody and child support disputes. We strive to minimize the emotional impact by resolving these delicate issues through negotiation or mediation. However, when you feel strongly that your children's best interests or your own can only be achieved in the courtroom, we will fight for optimal results. Our law firm is also available to resolve future child custody-related issues, such as enforcement or modification of existing orders — such as when one parent wants to relocate with the child.

Contact us today for proactive representation in a New Jersey child custody dispute.

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